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Get real time web analytics for your Nuxt 3 app with Vercel for free

I'll show you how to install Vercel web analytics for your Nuxt 3 app for free.

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Published on
08 Oct 2023


You can keep track of how many visitors come to your app, what pages they view, and where they are coming from in real-time. All without a single cent with Vercel's web analytics under the free plan.

Vercel plans

Add Vercel Analytics to your project

With pnpm add the @vercel/analytics package by running this command in a terminal in your project.

pnpm i @vercel/analytics

Create a file analytics.client.ts under your plugins folder and insert the following:

//plugins/analytics.client.tsimport { inject } from "@vercel/analytics";export default defineNuxtPlugin(() => {  inject();});

Now re-deploy your project with Vercel. If you are using Git like us from this article, just commit and push your changes with Git and it will automatically re-deploy with Vercel.

Enable Web Analytics in Vercel

Click here to go to the Analytics tab in your Vercel dashboard and click Enable from the dialog.

✨ You have now enabled free analytics with Vercel. Just wait for it to update when it picked up traffic from your web app and it will display the dashboard as follow:

Vercel result

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