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Deploy your Nuxt 3 app with Vercel for free in 5 mins

I'll show you how to host your Nuxt 3 app for free with Vercel in just 5 mins.

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Published on
08 Oct 2023


👋 Hi all, we will be deploying our Nuxt Starter Blog with Vercel and I will show you why and how I do it.

Why Vercel

Vercel makes it very easy to deploy and and host our Nuxt app with the seamless deployment workflow integrated with Git. What's more, their free plan is available for free and offers a generous set of features. I have yet to pay for anything here! 🤯

Deploy with Git

To begin, create an account with Vercel and head to to import an existing Git Repository. I will be deploying our Nuxt Starter Blog.

Vercel import repo

There should be zero configuration required as Vercel will atuomatically set the Framework Preset as Nuxt.js and run pnpm install for us if there is pnpm-lock.yaml file. Click the deploy button, sit back and relax.

Vercel configure

And just like that, we have succesfully deployed our Nuxt app with Vercel.

Vercel success

You can now visit our Nuxt Starter Blog.

Free Analytics with Vercel

To fully utilise the power of Vercel free plan, check out this article to enable real time analytics in your app.

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